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Jeep Wrangler Rental

The Jeep® you rent will be a WRANGLER JEEP® by Daimler-Chrysler. It will accommodate 4 persons including the driver and will have a manual or an automatic transmission. Every Wrangler is equipped with a roll-bar. There are soft tops and hardtops available. Ask about the equipment available when you reserve a Jeep. We have stock and lifted Jeep Wranglers also available Rubicon 2 Door Lifted Jeeps.

We now have 4 Door Jeeps available too. They will carry 5 persons. Rubicons are THE vehicle to take to the ski slopes. When Chain up rules are in effect, 4X4 rentals are exempt. Don’t take a chance with chains and damage your car. Rent a Rubicon or Wrangler instead.When you carry 4 people in a Wrangler, there is little room for anything else. The best coolers to bring if you have 4 occupants are the six-pack kind. Some of our jeeps have an extra receiver mount rack available to carry extra gear. Ask about the availability of these racks when you reserve your jeep.

You may put the soft top down IF you rent the jeep without the side and back curtains installed at the time of rental. This is the most popular configuration in the summer. You MUST put the top back up correctly before returning the Jeep or there may be an additional charge. When you rent one of our Jeeps, you will be required to sign an addendum to the lease stating you will not drive the Jeep off of a State, County or Federally maintained road ... What that means is ... NO NEW TRAILS.

Virtually every place you will want to go is on road maintained in some fashion by a County, Colorado State Forestry Service, BLM or National or State Parks departments. That includes high mountain passes and old railroad beds, ghost towns and abandoned mines. This restriction is meant to keep irresponsible drivers from driving across the tundra or other area that would be damaged by cross country vehicles or are not legal or safe for travel.